Sundered A blockbuster 2D action with smooth animation and volume!【Review】

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English Article

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Sundered 滑らかアニメーションとボリュームがウリの超大作2D アクション!【レビュー】
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Hello, I am Chabu-dai.
This time, I will introduce a 2D action game called “Sundered: Eldritch Edition”.

The game features handwritten smooth animation and a terrifying world view. The content is similar to Metroid and Castlevania, and it will be an action game in which new actions are increased by further exploration of new places.

I have posted a play videos up to the ending, so please take a look if you are interested. Here it is.

Then I introduce this game now.


PlatformSteam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4(Normal Edition)
Price19.99$(PS4, Switch, Steam)
Player1 – 4 Players
LanguageJapanese / English
Genre2D Action / Roguelike / Metroidvania
DEVELOPER / PUBLISHERThunder Lotus Games / Thunder Lotus Games
CommentTo be honest, I think Eshe is a monster…


Eshe, a lady walking in the desert, is suddenly drawn into the myriad hands that crawl out of the ground and faints.

This work seems to be inspired by the work(Call of Cthulhu: Cthulhu Mythos) of Lovecraft , and a strange enemy who is not a human appears and attacks the player. At the beginning of the game, only the above information can be given, but the backbone will be revealed little by little as the game progresses.

It’s a work that even people who don’t know CoC can enjoy (or rather, you can ignore the story), so don’t worry about that!

Such a game

A side-view 2D action game. Manipulate the main character, Eshe, and explore the huge ruins.

The operation is simple like jumping, rolling, attacking, and special attacking, but as you progress through the adventure, new actions will increase steadily. All actions are characterized by very beautiful animation, good operability and response. I cut out the video clip, so please take a look.

The ruins are roughly divided into 3 + α areas, and the atmosphere and the enemies that appear in each area differ greatly. Each area is connected in various places, and you can proceed to other areas without defeating the boss. The rough layout in the area (boss position, connection to other areas, etc.) is basically fixed, but the configuration of each room is automatically generated, and it will be different when the game is restarted or after dies.

A large number of weak enemies flock to the main character along the way. If the damage is small, you can avoid the damage with the barrier. The barrier automatically recovers over time, so enemy attacks are fierce but can be overcome.

The moment the barrier breaks.

Each area has 3 middle bosses and 1 boss. In the boss battle, it is a powerful battle with a huge enemy. Many of the enemy’s attacks are flashy, and the graphic are beautiful, so it’s a wonderful work like an anime. I was so focused on fighting that I couldn’t afford to take a closer look at the animation. However, the details were clearly depicted, and I was impressed by the video I checked later.

Eshe is slightly to the right of the center of the screen. (Icon is standing)

In the game, you can use the currency called Shard to unlock the block to strengthen the main character. Each block has effects such as maximum HP increase and critical damage increase, and by strengthening it, you will be able to strengthen adjacent block. Shard can be obtained from enemies and objects in the map, but each block must be strengthened three times before moving on to the next square, so you need to prepare a significant amount of Shard. If you get stuck in a strategy, consider earning many shard.

Larger blocks unlock more powerful abilities.

Good Points

・ High degree of freedom of action

At first, Eshe can only normal attack, special attack, jump, rolling, etc.
but as you go to the second half, you will learn wall kicks and gliding, and you will be able to fly! You will be able to go anywhere and feel free.
Attacks can also be used as jump attacks, up / down attacks, dive attacks, and rush attacks. All these actions are depicted in smooth animation, so it’s a lot of fun to play.

・Magnificent volume

It was quite voluminous, and despite fairly smooth progress, it took about 15 hours to finish in normal difficulty. Looking at the other reviews there are many opinions that it has exceeded 20 hours, and I think that the volume of this game is enormous. The map is quite vast, and there are many actions and collecting elements, so I think it’s a game that you can play for quite a long time.

・ Supports local COOP play

This game supports the cooperative play with 2 to 4 people. Except for the Switch version, it is difficult to prepare four input devices, but it will be much easier to fight against many enemies. if you get stuck, you may try Coop Play.

Even just two people will make the fight much easier.

This game is recommended for such people.

This game is recommended for such people.

・People who like hard difficulty 2D action.
・People who like hard difficulty Metroidvania.

Sometime player has hard time because the growth rate of the enemy may be faster than the growth rate of the player and many enemies appear at the same time. It is recommended that people who are not familiar with action games choose a low difficulty level because it requires delicate operations.

On the other hand, This game is recommended for such people.

・Those who don’t like action game.
・People who are not good at trial and error.

To be honest, it is expected that you will die many times.

You can choose from four difficulty levels, but I think Easy in this game is as difficult as Normal in other games. In the second half, the number of skills of the player becomes very large, and various operations are required. Enemy attacks are also intense, and they are often attacked all at once. Since it is often not possible to cover by playing skill, it is sometimes necessary to avoid enemies or raise a level.

There is no penalty for dying, so feel free to play!

Eshi is chased by a large number of enemies. Sometimes it’s important to run away.

Important Notice!

This game has a multi-ending system. The ending branches according to the action taken in the game.
If you want to see another ending after clear this game, you need to capture the story again. Since the volume of the game is large, it is quite troublesome.

Although automatic map generation, there is almost no randomness such as special events and items falling along the way. I don’t think it’s interesting as a roguelike part. Since there is no system such as warp or resurrection from before the boss, it will take some time to return after death.

I wish this game had system such as collection, achievement and hidden bosses.

Similar games

Hollow Knight・・・A masterpiece of Metroidvania in the world of insects. details is here


It is a game of 2D format exploration action (Metroidvania) + roguelike with beautiful animation. The beauty of the animation are wonderful, and volume and growth factors is also a considerable quality as a Metroidvania. On the other hand, as a roguelike game, I thought it was a little unsatisfactory due to the lack of random / hidden system.

You cam enjoy this game with beautiful animations with freedom actions and battles with huge bosses. If you are interested, please play it!