Neon Abyss ~The story of defeating God~【Review】

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English Article

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Neon Abyss ネオンの中に潜む現代の神に挑むアクションシューティング!【レビュー】
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Hello, I am Chabu-dai.
This time, I will introduce Neon Abyss, a roguelike 2D shooting released by Team 17. This is a new game just released on July 14, 2020. Speaking of Team17, Overcooked and Yooka-Laylee are famous games, but this game is also very interesting, so please play it!

Then I introduce this game now.


TitleNeon Abyss
PlatformSteam, PS4, Nintendo Switch, XBOX one
LanguageJapanese, English etc…
Genre2D shooting・roguelike
DEVELOPER / PUBLISHERVeewo Games / Team 17
CommentーーーーーDEATH IS THE ONLY WAY OUTーーーーー


The world was dominated by the “Titan Group” with the power of “Hades”. The player enter the dungeon leading to the abyss to take revenge with Hades, who has been deprived of his power.

Modern gods like Idol, Internet, and fast food are waiting for you!

Revenge begins with a neon glittering bar. It is also possible to dance on the disco.

Such a game

This game is a 2D action shooting + roguelike system. The purpose is to infiltrate 5 to 9 floors of dungeons and defeat the powerful “administrators” and “gods”. Each floor consists of about 10-20 rooms created by automatic generation, and each floor has shops, item rooms, and boss rooms.

This game is like adding Enter The Gungeon’s map system to side-view 2D action shooting like Exit the Gungeon.
Players can use jumps / attacks (guns / knife), grenades, and special abilities of guns. Player explore each room with map, amd defeat enemies and open treasure chests. There are hidden rooms or the rooms where you have to pay the cost to enter, so you will always be asked to make a choice just by exploring the room.

We have to kill all enemies to go out room.

You need to use grenades to break some chests or doors. Be careful as the grenade draws a parabola and explodes after landing!

Grenades are needed to break stone doors and treasure chests, keys are needed to open doors and treasure chests, and crystals are needed to open doors of store and use the passive skill of guns. However, it is not enough to unlock all gimmicks, so you need to think carefully about how to use these items. We recommend exploring all the rooms and collecting items before the boss.

In the boss room, a god born in modern welcomes you. The boss will shoot attacks related to each motif over the entire screen. There are gods like Rockman’s boss who ram himself into player or who divide. I don’t like the god who tackles me.

This boss is the “Tick” who is mobile video.
A boss whose motif is fast food that everyone loves.

You can get credits for strengthening when you defeat the boss, and you can use the credits to unlock items and character. We can unlock also New rules or new rooms in dungeons and strengthen the player. After unlocking the new item, you can enter the dungeon with the item for free at the next play as a trial. I think that this is a nice feature.
When unlocking a strong item, it may be a good idea to aim for clearing at once.

The unlock system is tree format. You use the credits you get when you defeat the boss to unlock.

There are 10 characters (including DLC).

There are many playable characters available. Some characters have a different initial status, items like key, and special abilities. Characters specializing in close combat are also available, so you can choose from a variety of play styles. At first, there are many characters that are locked, so let’s do our best to unlock them.

The maximum play time was less than an hour in once time. It took less than 20 hours to reach ending.

Good Points

・Great fun for strengthening

It’s a lot of fun to get more and more enhancement items from treasure chests and to become visibly stronger. In addition, there are many types of guns or item and some guns have special abilities that can be used active skill. Some active skills include strengthening weapons or dropping items. Many unique and surreal items are interesting.

We can use rolling is with this weapon as a active skill.

The trumpet gun seems to fire a parabolic bullet.

・Pet system is funny.

You can pick up various eggs by exploring the dungeon. The eggs chase behind the player and hatch after a while. When it hatches it begins to move around the player as a pet, preventing bullets, attacking, and supporting various things. (In many cases, nothing hatches as a lose.) Each pet has its own life, and when the life reaches 0, it disappears, so be careful. If your pet’s stay with you for a while, your pet’s level will rise and become stronger, so protect your pet if possible. Sometimes, player get a damage instead of your pet’s to protect your.(put the cart before the horse)

If you get around well, you can bring a lot of pets.

This game is recommended for such people.

This game is recommended for such people.

・People who like rouge like system.

In this game, you can open many treasure chests, and you can continue to strengthen with item and guns. (If you’re unlucky, you won’t find a good item at all, and sometimes you won’t be able to open it due to lack of key or grenade.) I think this game is suitable for people who like to feel growth or people who like sense of superiority when you get a good item because players grow a lot in the game.

On the other hand, This game is recommended for such people.

・Those who like flashy action game.
・ People who like barrage shooting.

I have introduced it in the following items, I think that the flashiness and exhilaration are a little lacking. Also, it may not be suitable for those who want to focus on avoiding many bullets or who want to have a flashy battle.

Important Notice!

The enemy’s attack is not so intense, but it is difficult to avoid the bullet because the character is a little big and there is no avoidance operation. After the 5th floor, the enemy’s attack power will be doubled and it will be a tough battle, so be prepared.

Also, the cost setting for unlocking is a little high overall, and I felt that it would be difficult to achieve all unlocking without playing number of times.

Similar games

Enter the Gungeon / Exit the Gungeon ・・・Famous 2D shooting with a gun motif + roguelike (Enter the Gungeon / Exit the Gungeon)
20xx ・・・2D Mega Man + roguelike game. I already introduced this game.
#All of them are written only in Japanese, but I will write English version soon!


This is a 2D side-view rouge-like action shooting that emphasizes the growth part. With special rules, unlocks with tree system, and unique character abilities, it’s a shooting game that you can play over and over again. Any gamer who loves roguelike action will enjoy this game.

Please explore the glorious neon streets and underground dungeons!