Exit The Gungeon -Evolution and Degeneration of Famous Games- 【Review】

English Article
English Article

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Exit the Gungeon 名作Enter The Gungeon の正式続編 【レビュー】
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Hello, I am Chabu-dai.
This time, I will introduce the official sequel to “Enter the Gungeon”, “Exit the Gungeon”.
Enter The Gungeon is introduced here, so please check it.
It is a story after Enter The Gungeon in chronological order, so if you are addicted to Enter The Gungeon, we recommend that you purchase this game.

Then I will introduce this game now.

#Added on November 16, 2020 We have summarized the updates of Hello to Arms, a major update.
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TitleExit the Gungeon
PlatformSteam, IOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4
LanguageJapanese, English etc…
Genre2D shooting・roguelike
DEVELOPER / PUBLISHERDodge Roll, Singlecore / Devolver Digital
CommentOfficial sequel to “Enter The Gungeon”
“Exit The Gungeon” is also interesting, but be careful because there are many differences from the “Enter The Gungeon”


The Gungeon has become a paradox and is collapsing! Blessed by the magic of the Sorceress, your gun will change rapidly as you ascend the Gungeon. The better you play, and the higher your combo, the more powerful the form your gun will take. Battle against the last and most bitter of the Gundead at a frantic pace, slowing down just long enough to chat with some familiar faces… and a few new ones. Shifting rooms, enemies, bosses, bizarre weapons and items all combine to ensure that no two attempts to Exit the Gungeon are the same.

Such a game (difference from Enter The Gungeon)

Like Enter The Gungeon, it’s a roguelike game of 2D action. You have to escape to the ground by passing through the Gungeon(5 levels in total) where the arrangement of enemies and rooms changes with each play. Enter The Gungeon was a top-down type, but Exit The Gungeon is a side view shooting type in which enemies automatically appear on the elevator that advances automatically. We can get various items and guns same as “Enter the Gungeon”. Jumps (vertical dodge rolls) have been added to the previous actions to match the side-view style.

In this game, “Gun Blessing” is applied to the character, and the gun will change randomly over time. With this change, we do not pick up guns in the Gungeon. There is an advantage that we do not have to worry about running out of bullets. However, since you can’t choose a gun, it’s a mess when a gun that is difficult to handle comes. Suzuki, that’s you.

Also, there are no more active items, and instead there are regular temporary enhancement items. By acquiring (chemical bullets, double vision, iron potions, etc.), the character will be temporarily strengthened and the battle can be advanced easily. Enhancement items will appear during the boss battle, so if you see it, be sure to go get it.

Since the avoidance in the vertical direction has increased, we can gain longer invincibility time with connecting from jump to dodge roll. This feature makes it easy to avoid, so the barrage is fierce overall.

Everyone loves Iron Maiden lol

Another major feature is that the volume is reduced overall and one play ends in about 20 minutes. Unlike the “Enter The Gungeon”, there is almost no room movement or preparation before entering the room, so the game tempo has improved dramatically. As a result, the pace of item unlocking has also increased.(I personally appreciate this behavier.)

The boss is waiting at the end of the stage. Boss is randomly selected from multiple Bosses and fight in one screen. If you defeat the boss with no damage, you can get A that increases the maximum HP, so it will be easier to clear. Blanks (bombs) are replenished for each stage, so you should use Blanks to get the Master Round.

As always, a unique boss.

There is a shopping timing after the boss battle in a Bello Store. We can purchase various enhancement items and recovery items

Good Points

・ A variety of unique guns and items that are the same as “Enter the Gungeon”

We can use a lot of unique and fun guns and items to use. Guns change over time, so you’ll inevitably have to use different guns. It’s surprising to change to another type of gun suddenly, but at the same time it’s very interesting. There may be a hard-to-use guns, but that makes the game moderately exciting.

・The scaffolding changes with scrolling

Depending on the levels, stage has a horizontal / vertical scrolling or fall the scaffolding. Players need to move around so they don’t fall. It requires a different movement from the “Enter The Gungeon”, so it’s awkward, but it’s very interesting. Be aware that sometimes it is difficult to see the enemy’s bullet due to the movement of the scaffolding.

The screen is lively as usual.

This game is recommended for such people.

This game is recommended for such people.

People who like Enter The Gungeon.
・People who like 2D shooting game.

Like “Enter The Gungeon”, it’s recommended for those who like 2D shooting. Of course, if you like the character and atmosphere of “Enter The Gungeon”, this is a work that you should definitely play. All the bosses are also new characters, and it is worth defeating.

On the other hand, This game is recommended for such people.

・People who are not good at Action game.
・People who want to enjoy roguelike system.

While the roguelike system is more restrained than “Enter The Gungeon”, I think that it is difficult for people who are not good at action games due to the increase in barrage levels. Since action shooting is the main focus, you may not be enough to buy as a roguelike game.

Important Notice!

Please note that not all guns and items from the “Enter the Gungeon” will be appeared.
Also, in the “Enter The Gungeon”, we have various tactics such as the “order of rooms to visit” or “opening / not opening the treasure box”. However, we cannot use such tactics in this game because there is no branch road in the course. Basically, we can have a tactics only about “get / do not get items” or “choose what to buy”.

The characters and items of the “Enter The Gungeon” are inherited, but it is almost a different genre as a game. You may be confused if you expect to buy this game as a same genre with “Enter The Gungeon”. Also note that this game is a one-person game and does not support Coop-Play.

Similar games

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#All of them are written only in Japanese, but I will write English version soon!


The atmosphere of Enter The Gungeon remains the same in this game, but the playability is very different. While the degree of freedom is lower than the previous work, I think that the action component has become more difficult due to the presence of jump(vertical dodge rolls). The fun of shooting various guns and the joy of finding a good item are inherited from previous game, so if you like Enter The Gungeon, you should definitely play Exit The Gungeon!