Exit the Gungeon -Hello to Arms- Update Summary

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English Article

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Exit the Gungeon -Hello to Arms- アップデート内容 まとめ
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Hello, I am “Chabu-dai”.

In this article, I summarizes about updates in “Exit the Gungeon”, which had a major update on November 13th. This is a summary of the range I have confirmed, so I’m sorry if there is any omission.

I already uploaded the video clip on Youtube that is defeating a new boss.
Please check from this link.(NG VersionClear Version

Then I will introduce it now!

About Exit the Gungeon

This is a sequel to the famous roguelike shooting Game “Enter The Gungeon”.

I omit the detailed introduction of the game in this article and write only the updated contents. If you are interested in the game content, please check the previous article from this link.
#I only write this article in Japanese, but I will localize in English soon.

Update Point

With the update on November 13th, we moved to version (2.1.0) and there were various changes. It includes small details such as bug fixes, and there were four major changes.

  1. Addition of new game mode(arsenal mode)
  2. Addition of arsenal
  3. Addition of New Boss(Glocktopus)
  4. Addition of New Guns & Events.

I introduce each of them.
You can also check here for detailed updates in the release notes on Steam.

Addition of new game mode(arsenal mode)

Until now, at Exit the Gungeon, guns have been blessed and changes to various guns have occurred automatically over time. From this update, in addition to the previous mode (mode that uses only blessed guns), a mode that uses blessed guns + picked up guns has been added. We sometimes pick up guns from treasure chests by playing with this new mode. Each gun are set number of remaining ammunition. It is now possible to change the gun used during the battle at any time until the bullet runs out.

You can change the mode from home.
You can change to the desired gun while making it slow motion. Quick changes are also possible.

As with Enter the Gungeon, you can buy ammo from Bello’s shop even if you run out of ammo, so you can use your strong weapons again and again. However, the number of bullets are set for each gun is set slightly smaller. Keep in mind that you can never clear through with one gun.

As a result, I think that the strategy has expanded, such as whether to preserve the strong gun and run through the second half part at once, or to defeat the weak boss early and surely get the “Master Round”. It’s a good update because you can play the conventional mode as well.

Addition of arsenal

An “arsenal” has been added to Bello’s shop. There are 2-3 additional rooms in the store on each stage and you can enter at any time you like. In the room where the enemy appears, a treasure chest may appear by defeating the enemy as before. Some doors have NPC-related events. This update has made you meet NPCs much more often.

NPC appears on the cute right door.
The room where the enemy appears is the usual room. A treasure chest chance by victory.

In addition, the flow of the game has changed significantly, and the number of times you enter the store has increased.

Before the update, you could enter the store only after the boss battle and just before the Dragan battle, but from this update, the flow is as follows. The items for sale and the arsenal room will change from stage to stage.

Before Flow:
Wave 1 → Enemy or NPC Room → Wave 2 → Boss → Shop → Next Stage
New Flow:
Wave 1 → Shop → Wave 2 → Boss → Shop → Next Stage

As a result, I felt that the range of strategies for shopping timing and how to proceed with the dungeon has increased. With increasing maps, the time to clear (if you want to clear all rooms) has also increased a bit.

Addition of New Boss(Glocktopus)

After defeating Dragan, you can challenge the new boss Gutoktopas by satisfying certain trigger.

A dubious water tank and space turtle await you as you proceed to the fifth floor shop. If you look at the poster, you will be asked to subdue the terrifying squid monster. You can buy a bait to challenge the new boss by paying 200 coins.

The bait worm is huge and unpleasant…

After defeating Dragan, it used to be the ending on a spaceship, but if you buy bait in 5th Floor, you can move to the left side. From here you can ride a water bike operated by Space Turtle to meet the new boss.

It’s a really cool bike!

The boss battle consists of two parts, and since hearts and blanks are not replenished, you have to battle three-part battle from the Dragan battle.

The first part will be an irregular battle on the boat. You can move the boat left and right and dive underwater by operating the dodge roll to avoid attack from enemy.

If you dive for a certain period of time or stop inputting the dodge roll, it will rise to the surface of the water and jump. Since you are invincible while jumping, let’s fly at the right timing.

Bullet types of fish and squid will also appear. This is cute but has a vicious move…
A squid-like undulating barrage will also appear.
Since it does not hit the bullet during the jump, you should repeat diving and jumping.

If you defeat it, you will be involved in a ground battle as a 2nd battle. Since it is the final battle, the enemy’s attack is also terrifyingly vicious. It’s a last battle, so let’s use your all items. After the battle, you will return to the front of the gungeon, so you can escape from the spaceship as before.

I made a lot of mistakes, but I also posted the video clip about this battle.(NG_VersionClear_Version

There is too much information on the screen!

By the way, when you buy this bait, the payment of money does not decrease at once to -200, but it decreases little by little. You can use the money in the Bello Shop even in the middle of payment. This makes it possible to shop with more money than you have. The money will be less than 0 and the money you get after this will be used for repayment. However, there is no timing to shop after the 5th stage, so I think it is a useful tips at the moment.

I also uploaded a short video clip of illegal purchases.

I spent more than 300 coins even though I only have 232 coins.

Addition of New Guns & Events.

There are more new weapons, items and events. Items familiar from the “Enter the Gungeon” such as black hole guns and railguns and new passive items have been added.

In addition, new mini game have been added. By helping the Goblin (Ledge Goblin), you can play pinball games when you meet Goblin.

It’s a fierce eye catch. .. ..

I also posted a short video clip in this mini game.

It’s a perfect luck game!!

I think that the number of items and guns have increased, making the work even more lively. This game has some pros and cons, but it is much easier to play than before update.

At Last

Thank you for reading this far.
According to the developer, this game will continue to have a new update in the future.
Please keep an eye on future developments!

If there is a new update, I will write update contents in this blog.
We hope that your escape from the gungeon and the victory over the squid!