Celeste A pretty girl who challenges the mountain of death【Review】

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English Article

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Celeste 人は何故、山に登るのか。自分と向き合う鬼難易度アクション【レビュー】
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Hello, I am Chabu-dai.
This time, I will introduce the “Celeste” witch is super high difficulty action.

This game is 2D action and a girl named Madeline climbs a mountain called Celeste to be honest with herself. Because you must climb difficult points many times, you will shout “Such a mountain does not exist in reality!”

I think someone feel hesitant to play this game due to hard action but
However, It’s definitely an interesting game, so if you like action games, please take a look!

Then I introduce this game now.
#Includes spoilers about collection system and stage composition.


PlatformSteam, PS4, Nintendo Switch, XBOX
Price1,980円(Steam), 2160円(Switch), 2,200円(PS4)
PlayerSingle Player
LanguageJapanese, English, French, German, etc…
Genre2D Action
DEVELOPER / PUBLISHERMatt Makes Games Inc. / Matt Makes Games Inc.(Steam)


This is a story about a girl named Madeline who has darkness in her heart and feels worried and difficult to live, climbing a mountain called Celeste to be honest with herself. It is a heartwarming story about how Madeline grows little by little, overcoming encounters with other climbers, difficulties, and mysterious phenomena.

I think that the players can grow by clearing this game themselves.

Such a game

This is a side-view 2D action and the goal is to complete 9 stages and traverse Celeste Mountain. There are four basic operations: move, jump, stick to the wall, and dash. It’s a simple operation feeling like Super Mario with the addition of dash and stick to the wall, but the difficulty level is very hard. You have to dash through the needles accurately, and step on enemies in succession.

I cut out a 30-second video clip of the map at the beginning of the first stage.

There are many needles from the beginning. There are more than 700 short maps like this.
Madeline dies like Mega Man.

Each stage consists of multiple short maps that are automatically saved when the map switches. There is no concept of Life or Heart, and if you die from a thorn or a hole, it will restart from the Starting point of the current map.
(Unlike “Getting Over It” and “Jump King”, your progress never returns, so don’t worry.)

The operability and retryability are very good, and even if you die, you can restart in less than a second. Each map has savepoints, so you can die and retry many times. (In the other words, You must die many time.

Enemies will appear, but they will appear as obstacles and scaffolding rather than opponents to defeat. From the middle stage, the number of gimmicks will increase steadily, and various gimmicks such as soap bubbles that move greatly when entering, strong winds that push the player, blocks that move in the direction of the dash, etc. It is also a fun point to understand the characteristics of the gimmick and build a path to the goal through trial and error.

I posted a short video clip of using various gimmicks.

Strawberries are hidden in each stage as a collecting system. Even if you complete it, there is no unlocking of functions, so you do not need to collect it forcibly. I think the good thing about this game is that you can proceed at your own pace.

Red berries are located in hidden rooms or very dangerous routes.

The difficulty level of acquisition is quite difficult, so it is important to consult with your own ability and patience as to how far you can challenge.

In addition, If you get the B-side cassette tape, which is placed on the 1st to 8th stages, and you can challenge the B-side as a hidden stage. Side B is significantly more difficult than Side A, which is quite difficult.

Furthermore, you can challenge the C side by satisfying specific trigger as hidden stage. It’s quite short, but it’s very very very difficult. Therefore, the actual volume is 8 stages x 3 (A, B, C) + 1 (9 levels), 25 stages, which is an ultra-large capacity.

The first screen on the C side of Stage 1. We can die a lot.

In addition, an assist mode is also available for people who want to clear only the story or not to challenge again and again. You can use various effects such as invincibility and infinite dashes, so if you get stuck a long time, you may try using it. (It is recommended not to use it in the first play as it will be less interesting.)

By the way, my play history was like this. (Assist is not used.) I felt 9th Stage was very difficult. I gave up to collect all collecting elements because it will take almost forever to acquire some berries.

I died more than 10,000 times. Also I gave up on collecting elements such as golden berries early.

Good Points

・Pleasure beyond the high difficulty Stages

As the theme of the game is, this game is similar to mountaineering (or rock climbing). It is a style of searching for a route to climb and devoting yourself. There are no unreasonable gimmicks, and new gimmicks are incorporated with high difficulty after careful introduction, so even if you die, you will not feel angry or frustrated.

Each map is very short and we can often clear in about 30 seconds. I often end up retrying, and by repeating while learning “I wonder if I should do this here” and “Don’t use dashes here”, I can often easily clear the map that I thought it was impossible at first. The impression and sense of accomplishment when I got over it successfully was irresistible, and I felt that it was a very good game that made me feel the growth of the player himself with Madeline.

The timing of using the dash is always important.

In addition, although the gameplay is simple, new gimmicks are added as the stage progresses, making it difficult to get bored. In the latter half of the game, advanced techniques such as long-distance jumps and corner jumps will appear, making it even more difficult and exciting.

・ Good music, pixel art, and operability

You will inevitably play this game for a long time. With high-quality music that you can listen to forever, pixel art that changes dramatically from stage to stage, and a system and UI that does not stress the player at all, you can concentrate on the game. I felt that the designer had careful attention in every component in this game.

We also visit into the mountain!
I will also post a mountain image. (It says “3000M”, but I’ve climbed about over 100 times more until I come here.)

This game is recommended for such people.

This game is recommended for such people.

・Those who like 2D action game.
・ People who like high-difficulty action.

It’s difficult but interesting. The greater the difficulty of confronting, the more irresistible the pleasure when it goes well. On the other hand, if you are good at this kind of game, you may feel happy with your own play because you can show your full potential.

This game is recommended for those who like high difficulty action.

On the other hand, This game is recommended for such people.

・People who are not good at action games.
・A person without patience.

It is a game that you will die many times. Many difficulty point appear from the beginning, and the challenger’s heart is broken. Players need stamina to endure hundreds or thousands of deaths.

If you can’t clear it by all means, consider playing in assist mode. I think people who don’t usually play action games will have a hard time.

Important Notice!

A controller is almost essential for this game.

Berry’s full collection depends on your ability, but it seems that it will take hundreds of hours.
It may not be recommended for people who do not like it unless it is completely cleared.

Similar games

Super Meat Boy・・・The original high difficulty 2D action game. There is no two-step jump, but the game system is similar.
I wanna be the guy・・・A difficult 2D action game with a variety of game parodies.
Getting Over It・・・A game for climbing mountain like celeste. A game that frustrates player.
Jump King・・・A game for climbing mountain like celeste too. It’s a difficult game too.


It’s a super-difficult 2D side-view action game. It is a game that climbs a mountain by using jumps and dashes on a each short map. The exquisite stage composition that encourages the player’s growth and the retryability make it a difficult game to play for a long time. Please take a look at the scenery that awaits you at the top of Mt. Celeste!