【Nintendo Switch】Action Squad 【Review】

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English Article

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【Nintendo Switch】Action Squad 【プレイ感想】
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Hello, I am Moriya.
This time, I will introduce the “Action Squad”.

The rule is simply a game where you control SWAT to kill the criminals occupying the building and release the hostage girls.

Blood flutters everywhere in this game, so if you’re not good at grotesque, please back here.

Then I introduce this game now.


TitleDoor Kickers: Action Squad
PlatformNintendo Switch / PS4 / Steam / Xbox One
Price13.99$(Steam) 14.99$(Switch)
Player1 ~ 2 Player
LanguageJapanese / English / etc…
Genre2D Action
DEVELOPER / PUBLISHERPixelShard, KillHouse Games / KillHouse Games
CommentIt was unexpectedly interesting!


There is no particular story.
I hope the hostage girls I helped are safe now.

Such a game

It is a game in which you simply rush into the building, suppress it, and release the hostages.
I was wondering if I would get bored on the way, but every stage is unique and interesting.
When I noticed, I had got ☆ 3 in all the stage!

You can also play with two people. If you feel the difficulty is high, we recommend playing with two players. In 2P-Coop, the firepower will be simply doubled and we can protect the front and back.

There are six playable characters: Assaulter, Breacher, Recon, Shield, Agent Fergie, and Off-Duty Guy.
Especially the shotgun that the bleacher has is too strong! With this shotgun, you can instantly kill enemies that are difficult to defeat with other characters. The difficulty point is that the heads of the hostages are also blown away at once.

… Isn’t there a lot of old men!
No, it ’s SWAT, so it ’s natural.

If you are not particular about it, we recommend assaulters and bleacher. Anyway, it’s strong and easy to use!

I noticed after clearing the story, Shield, Are you a girl! ?? (The voice was a woman)

Recommended weapons

If you want to get all ☆3, we recommend the character of the weapon whose Alt attack is “Shoot”.

This “Aimed Shot” is easy to use anyway!

You can shoots bullets straight and kill an strong enemy instantly. Since there is no blurring, there is no need to worry about shooting the hostage. If you have a hard time, open the door and “Aimed Shot” → evacuate to another floor → go back and “Aimed Shot” → hit and away strategy is recommended. We can get ☆3 in many stages with this combo.


The enemy is also an individual group. It’s easy at first because there are few types of enemies and you’re clumsy, but as you move to the second half of the stage, the types of enemies will increase and the AI will become smarter.
I will introduce those who were especially interesting.
By the way, the following name of the enemy is the one I gave myself.


They will rush into players with guns. (They are crazy!)
It’s a speed that humans can’t put out, perhaps they used drugs.


He is a terrorist.

Self-destruct man, I hate really this guy!
As soon as he sees the player, he run while screaming with bomb. Naturally, I will be dead instantly.

Wimp disguised as a boss

A sneaky guy with a hostage as a shield

This enemys appears in large numbers, pretending to be a boss.
He will shoot me with the hostage girl as a shield. What a sneaky man…
If the hostage is used as a shield, the bullet will hit the hostage and accidentally kill her.

Let’s stun him with a sub weapon.

A little handsome gangster

It’s a handsome guy who hides his mouth with a red scarf, but what he’s behavior is just barbaric.
When he notices the player, he points the muzzle at a nearby hostage and immediately shoots her to kill. It is an unforgivable act. However, he is not using the hostages as a shield, so if we can attack first, we can help the hostages.


A chubby with a bomb switch and a gun. He is a little fat man.
However, he does something like a devil that forces hostages to wear bomb vests.
The girl dressed in the bomb vest may be upset and stands up and runs up to the player.
(To shoot the bomber behind the hostage, you may accidentally shoot the hostage that suddenly stood up…)

I posted the short video clip because the video is easier to understand the threat of the Bomber.

Bomber appears from the toilet on the right side! I defeated it immediately…

↑ Why did it explode even though I defeated Bomber!?

He pushes the bomb switch just before he dies.
There is a lag for the switch to be pressed, so you have to approach and crouch to shoot him.
It’s okay to kick with a grudge!


Will this game zombie appear?!

Yes, it will appear.

The stage will not be cleared unless the zombies are annihilated.
Suddenly there is a feeling of another game, but it is the state of deadlock with criminals, zombies, and SWAT.

Criminals and zombies sometimes fight each other. Let’s defeat exhausted enemies at once!

Short video clip

Suddenly, zombies attack the criminals. The girl who was killed turned into a zombie and attacked her companion. It’s very scary…


画像に alt 属性が指定されていません。ファイル名: knife2.jpg
Flamethrower man, attack range is too long. They will attack us from outside the screen.

On rare occasions, high physical strength enemies will appear.
There is also a stage where multiple of these guys appear at the same time.
These guys are also very interesting, but I will omit them because it seems to be long to explain.


Yes, it’s an elevator. Player is killed by the elevator in this game. If you are under the elevator, you will be crushed. Sometimes I was inadvertently dying in the elevator even though I had made it to a good point.

But that’s the same with the enemy. The strong enemies introduced earlier can also be crushed in an instant by the elevator.

Strong enemies that were so hard are crushed like pudding.(Video Clip)

The hostages are also crushed. be careful.

With Nintendo Switch, the hostage release and elevator command are the same…

Heal Point

It’s such a murderous game, but you can see the developer’s playfulnes mind in some places on the stage.

Decorate the Christmas tree during the mission

You can decorate the Christmas tree after killing the enemies ☆

Does this make sense?

This is the tutorial stage. It will calm down.

Mysterious Grandmother

Mysterious Grandmother. Maybe it’s a disturbing character. When you get closer, she will hit the player with a stick. Moreover, if she is hit us, we have damage normally…
You can silence her by taking up from her the cane or shooting a bullet.

You can still get ☆ 3 even if you shoot and kill her.

(I thought I would introduce it, but there was no healing point.)

This game is recommended for such people.

This game is recommended for such people.

・People who like Side-scrolling game.
・People who like Gun-Shooting.
・People who like Strategy game.

Side-scrolling action with pixel art, gun shooting, I think that it is irresistible for those who like it. If you learn how to operate and how to win, you will be able to win quickly. It’s fun to think about strategies for each stage, such as luring enemies into a trap and combining characters, weapons, and sub-weapons.

If you can’t win, we recommend playing with two players. It’s easy to clear, unlike when you’re alone.

On the other hand, This game is recommended for such people.

People who are not good at thinking about strategies
・ People who are not good at dying games

I think it’s a simple game that shoots and kills enemies, but it’s a game that makes you think about strategies. If you proceed without thinking, you will lose in a blink of an eye. If you are not good at remembering the enemy’s appearance and making strategies, it may be complicated and troublesome.


To be honest, I didn’t expect much, but I enjoyed it a lot.
I don’t really like side-scrolling action in the first place.

I bought this game simply because a gorgeous movie is used in the advertisement of this game (= there seems to be a budget) and the slightly bullish price of 15$.

The difficulty level is not so hard. At first I was playing with two people, but at the end I was playing with almost alone.

It was fun to think of a strategy.

Thank you for reading this article!