30XX Complete Update from 20XX 【Review】

English Article
English Article

This article is an English version of following Japanese article.
30XX 新たなる時代へ!グラフィックもアクションも正統進化!【レビュー】
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Hello, I am Chabu-dai.
This time, I will introduce the “30XX”.

This time I would like to introduce 30XX, which has been released in Early Access! This is a sequel to the famous 2D roguelike action 20XX. It’s still an alpha version, so the imperfections is a little noticeable, but I’m looking forward to the completion because I felt the fun comparable to the previous work.

I posted a video that has been cleared by Nina on YouTube, so if you want to know the atmosphere, please take a look. Here it is.

Since this post is mainly for comparison with 20XX, it is recommended to read the article on the 20XX side first. Here it is.

Then I introduce this game now!


Price2,050 Yen / 19$
PlayerSingle Player / Two people
LanguageJapanese / English
Genre2D Action / Roguelike
DEVELOPER / PUBLISHERBatterystaple Games / Batterystaple Games
CommentThe background has changed significantly in 1000 years!


Awaken a thousand years after 20XX to realize the world that needed you is gone, changed irreversibly by the advent of the Synthetic Mind and a human race that’s lost the will to reach for the stars. Explore the lush, verdant prison our world has become, and fight to save what remains.
(From Steam Store)

#At this stage, the above story was not mentioned in the game, so I’m looking forward to the addition of a video.

Such a game

This game is roguelike 2D action like Mega Man. Like 20XX, player controls Nina, who uses Buster mainly, and Ace, who uses Sword mainly. We can play 6 stages (As of the February 18th).

Since it is a roguelike system, there is no concept of life and it starts in the weakest state every time. By acquiring reinforced parts and shopping, status such as physical strength, attack power, jumping power, etc. will be improved steadily. The operation is the same as the 20XX, such as dash, normal attack, power (special ability), dash, wall jump.

Background drawing and animation are powered up from 20XX!

The map is automatically generated, and the arrangement of items and enemies is different each time, so it is a game that you can play many times. It is a good point that also supports offline and online co-op, which is rare for this kind of game.

The detailed game system is the same as 20XX, so if you are interested in the above explanation, please check the introduction of 20XX.

Comparison with 20XX

The game system itself is not so different from 20XX, but I summarize the points that are significantly different within the range confirmed.

  1. Glory zones have appeared on each stage and are no longer mission clear types.

The frequency of appearance of the Glory Zone has increased dramatically, and it is no longer a mission format. There is a treasure chest at the end of the small field, and you can get a reward just by reaching it. Since there is no time limit and there is no problem even if you got damage, it is possible to obtain equipment in a stable method. This game also has a lot of powerful equipment such as a two-step jump, so if you find Glory Zone, you definitely want to enter.

The red portal located in left site is the entrance to the Glory Zone. It is a mini map normally.

 2. Power(special weapon) system change

In 20XX, obtaining power was a choice with other strengthening items and nuts, but in 30XX, you can always obtain the power after defeating the boss. Nina in 30XX can use more powerful attack by combining powers. Since various attacks are possible depending on the combination, it is possible to set and use it according to the play style and situation.

One power can generate a tornado on the players spot.
After fusion, tornadoes occur back and forth, greatly increasing the attack range.
Fusion is possible at any time from the status setting.

On the other hand, Ace has more actions to combine arrow keys and buttons each time it obtains power. Ace can’t use fusion, but Ace can use various actions, so you can use techniques suitable for the situation and make a wide range of play style.
I took a video clip about 10 seconds.

Guard → Jump → Sword (normal attack). Ace is for advanced users like 20XX.

 3. You have to use cost to wear equipment parts.

In the “Core” on the equipment setting, you can select the equipment to wear from the equipment picked up during play. The core (cost) is set for each equipment, and it is possible to combine within the range that does not exceed the core. Also, I felt that it was a good point that unnecessary equipment could be changed to nuts and we can enhance the number of cores.

Equipment can be changed in the “Core” at the bottom left. Strong equipment uses a large number of cores.

 4. Each stage became longer and the boss became stronger.

Perhaps because the number of stages has decreased, the volume of each stage has increased, and it takes about 8 minutes on average to complete one stage. Also, with the increase in gimmicks compared to the previous work, I think that the overall difficulty level has increased. In particular, the boss felt that the behavior pattern changed according to the HP, and it was difficult to avoid the attacks in the second half.

It is more powerful effect than the 20XX.
The boss of this game does not fit on one screen, and move.

Also, in 30XX, the stage is not a selection type, but a straight road. It’s a little disappointing that you can’t choose the boss to fight next. I think there will be more stages in the future, so it may change at the update.

 5. Addition of fountain event

If you ponder in front of the occasional fountain, recovery items and swarms of enemies will appear. If you defeat it 3 waves, you can get the item as a reward. If it goes well, you can get items and recovering, so it is a super profitable event because it will be in the black.

There is a hole in the scaffolding or the gimmick is in operation sometimes.
Be careful not to take too much damage.

There are some other minor changes, but I will omit the rest. It’s as interesting as the 20XX, so if you like the previous work, you can buy it!

Important Notice!

The background is finer, which makes it harder to see overall. Since it is easy to overlook enemy attacks and traps, you may want to disable the display of the foreground etc. from the setting screen.

As the stage became longer and the boss became stronger, I felt that the early stage with poor status was tough. Also, it was a little disappointing that stores and slot machines appeared infrequently, and the timing of using nuts (currencies) and slot tokens was limited.

Easy mode is also available, so if you can’t clear it, you may play with it.


There were major changes such as graphics and power, but I felt that it was a proper power-up from the 20XX. Not only the strengthening system, but also the operability, music, and degree of play that I did not mention in the above are good and it is a very fun work.

It has been stated that there will be more updates, so I’m looking forward to future updates!