20XX 98% Mega Man + Roguelike good work!【Review】

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English Article

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20XX 限りなくロックマンライクな 2D シューティング【レビュー】
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Hello, I am Chabu-dai.
This time, I will introduce the “20XX”. This game is a roguelike 2D action and a homage to mega man. The roguelike system match well, and you can enjoy many times.

It seems that 30XX (sequel) will be released in February 2021. Yeah!!
Click here for details.

Then I introduce this game now.


PlatformSteam, Nintendo Switch, PS4, XBOX One
Price17.99$ / 1,980 Yen(Switch), 14.99$ / 1,480 Yen(Steam),
PlayerSingle Player
LanguageJapanese, English, Chinese, etc…
GenreSingle Player / 2 Players
DEVELOPER / PUBLISHERBatterystaple Games, Fire Hose Games / Batterystaple Games
CommentAlmost Mega Man.


The era is 20XX … A robot that had run away in the city was rampaging, and the world was in chaos. Nina and Ace were asked to control the riot by the doctor who created them.

By the way, the opening movie starts like this. I feel déjà vu!

Camera work climbing a building…
The hero standing on the roof. It’s the opening of Mega Man.

Such a game

Go through the automatically generated map and defeat the bosses waiting for each stage. The purpose of this game is to defeat all 8 bosses, clear the EX stage (Wily stage), and defeat the last boss. Since it is a roguelike system, there is no life and it starts in the weakest state every time, but by acquiring strengthening items and shopping, operability such as physical strength, attack power, jumping power etc. will improve steadily.

The operability is very good with the usual actions in mega man such as movement, jump, normal attack, power (special attack), dash, wall jump.

Attack is an energy bullet. Charge attacks are also possible.

■ About weapons

There are several types of normal attacks, such as shotguns and those that can attack up, down, left, and right. Any weapons have advantages and disadvantages. you have to choose one because you can not have only one. I recommend the one that can attack in the front three directions.

The 3way shot is slightly less powerful than the normal shot, but it is easy to hit the enemy.
Ace is a character for advanced players who mainly fights in close range.

Also, by defeating the boss, you will be able to use the power (special attack) used by the boss. The power is powerful, but since it uses the power gauge below the HP gauge, think carefully about when to use it.

There are many powerful objects such as missiles that cause large explosions or fire shield.

・ About weapons

There are various gimmicks such as scaffolding that flips upside down and a belt conveyor. There are stages that cross the moving scaffolding like the athletic stage, but it is safety because even if you fall into a hole or lava, you will not die and your HP will be reduced by only 1 and returned floor automatically.

Occasionally, vending machines or shops appear in a stage. We can convert nuts (money) into power and HP recovery items. There aren’t enough nuts to buy all items, so think carefully about how to use nuts.

We can Buy HP Recovery Items From green vending machines.

There is also a challenge stage called the Glory Zone, which enter the red door.
You can get reinforced parts by clearing the set theme, such as annihilating the enemy within the set time and clearing the athletic stage with no damage.

A mission to reach for goal while avoiding the black bird.

The boss battle looks like the image below. Like Mega Man, there is a rest area in front of the boss field, there are shops or vending machine sometimes. Each stage has a target time (displayed at the bottom left of the screen), and if you defeat the boss within the target time, you can get additional nuts and enhancement items.

We must fight two bosses at the same time in these bosses.

You can also earn credits called Soul Chips by defeating glowing enemies and bosses on the stage. Before the game starts, you can unlock items with Soul Chips and purchase items to bring in for the next play.

When you defeat the boss, you can choose one of the three rewards. The rewards are power (special attack), nut, and status up, and it is always difficult to choose one. After getting the item, you will see the portal of his 3 bosses that you haven’t defeated yet, and you can choose which stage to go to.

We can get only one item.

Good Points

・Strengthening system is fun

There are also equipment that allows you to dash in the air and jump in two steps, you feel good when you get it is amazing. You can also get companions who follow your character and attack, or more powerful items with very heavy disadvantages.
Since precise jump operation is required on the Wily stage, it is necessary to strengthen the operability to some extent, but be careful as it will be difficult if the movement speed and jump power are strengthened too much.

There are a lot of items In the end!

・ Supports online / local co-op play

This game supports not only local play but also online COOP play. By pressing the pause button during Coop play, you can warp to your partner’s position, or you can take away your partner’s life after dying, so even people who are not good at action games can easily participate. In many 2D action Coop-plays, the screen size is fixed and we often falls into a hole due to either move. Even if the player are separated from each other, the screen will follow both characters in this game, so I think this game is highly evaluated.

・ There are many replay system.

In addition to the difficulty setting, you can enjoy the system that will be unlocked after after story, the settings related to daily / weekly challenge, boss rush and various difficulty increases, and you can enjoy various tied up play. You can fully enjoy it even after clearing the story.

Hard mode option settings. There are many difficult things. The ancestor is great…

This game is recommended for such people.

This game is recommended for such people.

・People who like 2D mega man.
・People who like action rogue like.

If you love 2D Mega Man, you should definitely play it. Although he is “almost” Rockman, he is as interesting as he is. It’s a lot of fun when you get the item well.

On the other hand, This game is recommended for such people.

・ Those who are not good at 2D shooting games and jump actions.

It’s completed well and I don’t think there are any noticeable drawbacks.

This game will change from a shooting game to a jump action as you go to the latter half. It may be difficult for people who are not good at action games without double jumps and aerial dashes.
Also, keep in mind that it may take some time before you can clear it, as your character’s stats are poor and few items are unlocked at first.

Similar games

2D Mega Man
Neon Abyss ・・・2D rogue action shooting. Detail in this link.


It is a work that well matches the roguelike system with the fun of Mega Man. It’s a fairly casual game and easy to retry, so it’s easy to play again even if you die. Also, the fact that it can be played by two people is a very highly rated work.
Even after clearing the story, there are plenty of elements to play with, such as Difficulty setting and clearing with hidden elements, and it is a work that you can play for a long time, so if you are a 2D Rockman fan, you should definitely buy this one.